Local fitness guru turns successful global business woman thanks to social media!

Jill Gardner, fondly known as The Fat Controller, has lived in Milton Keynes all her life.  Few will recognise the person she has become today.  Not so long ago she hated it!  So she changed it!

From a big fat nobody, Jill has become a local success story and a global entrepreneur with clients all over the world!

Jill’s passion was born out of a struggle with her own weight and confidence issues.  Having suffered from depression and disordered eating for most of her early adult life, she fell upon fitness in her early adult hood.  This was her savor and it became a way of helping her to cope with her innermost demons.  This led to a desire to learn more about nutrition, health and happier way of living.

After working for many years in a local gym, Jill finally made the leap and begun her own business ‘Hate it? Change it!’ to help others struggling with those same issues.

In July of 2011, Jill set up some small community classes and courses to help local women learn about eating and exercising for long term fat loss.  This is not a ‘dieting’ approach and involves a holistic, whole person-centered lifestyle overhaul.  The program includes fat burning cookery courses, on-line lectures, classes, on-line workouts, shopping events and much much more.

“4 months later, 1st 8lb lighter and now 11st 5lb, (an average loss of 1.3lb per week), I’m now fitting into long lost party dresses, feeling full of life, happier, healthier, fitter, toned, energised, glowing skin, food binging and cravings diminished, it’s true, you really truly are what you eat, this is an easy lifestyle choice for me now forever, I’m excited to see where I’ll be in another 4 months, and how far will I be next summer, then a year into my journey!!!”

The word has continued to spread across the country and now globally.  And with the huge demand from all the over for help, Jill has just launched an on-line solution to help as many people as she can.  Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, people are able to access her wealth of experience and knowledge through her on-line cookery demonstrations, workouts and membership groups from all over the world.

Locally, Jill is excited to be launching the first of its kind, The Mojo Club. Carefully designed for the modern woman, Jill will be taking on just 6 women on a 6-week journey to help them get back their mojo!

Over the course of 6 weeks, 6 women will rediscover how to cook and eat great fat burning ‘Mojo Food’ without ever going hungry.  They will experience the latest scientific ‘Mojo Moves’ based workouts for the best fat loss results in the shortest time.  And they will learn the ‘Mojo Mindset’ and lifestyle techniques that will help them to make permanent, lasting changes.  Be the first to take part.  Register now for the first course starting in June!

For more details on Jill’s courses and on-line programmes visit the website www.hateithchangeit.co.uk or email jill direct: jill@hateitchangeit.co.uk


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