Yep! If you only made one change to your lifestyle and diet, I would ditch the beige for at least 80% of the time.

If it’s beige and dead, knock it on the head!’


Since eliminating around 90% of #beigedeadfood I have not only maintained a lean body weight effortlessly, but I no longer suffer from cravings, bingeing, excessive hunger and along the way I have learned some fantastic easy alternatives that have improved my energy, sleep and general sense of well being.

Many of you will have heard me talk about #beigedeadfood. Some of you will know exactly what I mean. I wrote a blog on #beigedeadfood recently if you need reminding or  you want to know in more detail read it here.


In a non-beige nut shell it’s anything that is unrecognisable as food or a natural food source that man has taken and turned into a processed food such as pastry, white rice, breads, pasta, cereals, sweets, pizza, chocolate…… all foods that look in general……. BEIGE!

Isn’t some of it low-fat or healthy? What’s so wrong with it?

Well for record, often the box is more natural or has more nutrition in it that the product itself. In fact the product will take more nutrients out of you to process and digest it than it put’s back in you. Secondly the box has got powerful and clever marketing all over it. Designed to persuade you to buy it regardless of the ingredients. Whatever message it conveys any processed or packaged food will not have your best interests at heart! The food industry is not here to make you healthy….. The food industry has one goal and one goal only…..PROFIT!


Just one look at the ingredients list should give you an idea of it’s level of beige. The more ingredients listed the worse it is!

To make a lot of low-fat products the fat is removed and a whole host of other things are added to create taste and flavour.

Modern agriculture and the food industry have revolutionised and evolved quicker than our delicate machinery has. This makes it difficult or impossible for us to cope with the sheer amount of #beigedeadfood each of consume at most of our meals. Example day:

  • Breakfast: cereal, toast, spread, orange juice, latte
  • Snack: biscuits, cereal bar, tea
  • Lunch: sandwich, crisps, soda
  • Snack; chocolate, juice, latte
  • Dinner: pasta, ready meal, pizza, sauces

Each of these are laden with appetite stimulating and metabolism disrupting ingredients such as preservatives, additives, salt, sugar, wheat, fructose to name a few.

When we consume these foods they mess around with our ability to maintain blood sugar levels, our hunger and appetite hormones and our brain chemistry. This overrides our ability to detect real hunger, burn fat, sleep well and maintain energy for a whole day.

Despite having the same amount of calories, a bag of crisps is unlikely to keep you full for very long compared to two hard boiled eggs

Real food looks very much like nature intended and our bodies can handle this well. The most natural foods usually has only 1 ingredient, maybe 2-3 at most. Once it has been processed, adulterated and generally transformed into #beigedeadfood it becomes an alien to the body and a disruptor to our equilibrium. It becomes easier to overeat and become addicted to. Wheat and sugar are powerful appetite stimulators and for some people it can create powerful cravings for all sorts of MORE beige!


But ditching the beige is easier said than done. What do I eat instead?

I have to agree. Eating #beigedeadfood is easy. It’s for the lazy person inside us all. But the lazy person will get fat and sick! So in order to ditch the beige it’s important to start looking at food differently and learning some new ways to eat and cook. Here is a list of ideas to get you thinking. Some are simple swaps to help start reducing #beigedeadfood. Once you do, not only will your energy levels start to climb but your waist line will start to shrink!

  • Instead of cereal or toast try some of my recipes for pancakes, omelettes, muffins or poach some eggs on rye bread with avocado spread
  • Instead of sandwiches try soups, colourful salads made with quinoa, chicken and beans or left over chilli on a sweet potato
  • Instead of biscuits and crisps try nuts with dark chocolate, nut butters on cut up vegetables or home made treats
  • Instead of pasta try raw courgette spaghetti or instead of rice make cauliflower rice. Then add lots of lean meats and vegetables such as curry, Bolognese or baked fish etc


Ditching beige doesn’t mean eating less…..

In fact you can eat more! Beige food is calorie dense and nutrient deficient. Meaning very easy to over eat (think Pringles!). But by replacing it with healthy fats, proteins and vegetables (nutrient rich and low calorie) your plate will be piled high and you will be fuller for longer. Naturally taking in less calories without trying.

So even if you didn’t do anything else this year aim to cut back or eliminate beige from your life!

I wouldn’t mind betting that if you reduced or even eliminated most of the #beigedeadfood in your daily diet you will very quickly notice a difference in both your energy levels, focus, motivation AND waist line.

In a very short space of time you will see #beigedeadfood everywhere and wonder why you didn’t ditch it sooner!

Big love, small tummies

Jilly – The Fat Controller

p.s need some motivation and inspiration to banish the beige? Join our community here: #BanishtheBeige

p.p.s Banish the beige in 7 day plan and DeBeigetox click here.

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