I am “off the scale!”  Are you?

I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself.  I don’t own scales and refuse to get on them!  Why should I?

What does it mean anyway?

One of my clients called it the ‘sad step’ which I love. This is exactly what it was for me. I would step on it, all hopeful and optimistic, only to feel like crying when the numbers didn’t give me the desired reading.

It’s just a number anyway!  The scale cannot differentiate between lean metabolic tissue or inactive fat.  A scale should not nor can tell you how you feel!  I know when I feel great – I can fit in my jeans, I have boundless energy and generally feel balanced and fabulous!


What if everyday is dictated by that number on the scale? What if you don’t feel fantastic?  Should you step on the scales then?  Hell no!  Even more reason not to!  Instead you need to change you focus away from the numbers and connect once again with your body!

When you were 5 years old did you need to stand on a set of scales to know that you were OK in the world?  Or did you instinctively know if you were OK or not?

In my opinion body scales and various other measures of body weight and mass were the worst invention to consumers.  The most damaging piece of equipment which has no place except for when medical information is required – such as anaesthetic etc.

So tell me….  

  • How often do you weigh?
  • Can it make or break you?
  • Does it motivate you or de-motivate you?

Would you be surprised to know that a 1lb of fat weighs the same as a 1lb of muscle! WOW!  

But did you also know that 1lb of fat takes up to five times more space than the same weight of lean metabolic muscle?  

Yup!  So you can start to see that actually scale weight shows and means nothing. If you study the picture above, this lady, despite being heavier on the right is noticably leaner and tighter and therefore smaller than the picture on the left.

Would you prefer to be the lighter but larger one just to get the smaller number?  Or do you want to be the one on the right who has a more body confidence and due to the increase in lean muscle she owns a more efficient metabolism  – so she can eat more food and burns fat more efficiently as a result!

So get “off the scale” and start to focus on living well, eating well and burning fat!  Be free of the diet mindset – it’s not alway about less – it’s sometimes about more!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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