You are probably reading this because you have become REALLY good at dieting!

BUT not really good at sticking to the diet going or keeping the weight off?

Thought so!

I hear you…..I spent most of my life on some form of diet or another. My ultimate goal was always to lose weight and get thin whatever it took.


Would it surprise you to learn that the average diet lasts only 19 days?

I was surprised is was that long to be honest.

Ok so here is the deal, we are the result of over 4.5 billions years of evolutionary success and supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet…. yet we continue to follow the same diet dogma over and over.

We seem to ignore the fact that 95% or more of dieters will regain their weight and alarmingly 66% gain back more! Biggest loser anyone?

Now I don’t know about you but this seems pretty dumb to me!

BUT you don’t know what you don’t know right?

The reality is that for most of us is it’s not our fault!

So what is the problem here?

It’s hard not to be brainwashed (I call it #beigewashed) by all the marketing hype, lies and incorrect information spread around the internet. And not to mention that it’s human nature to follow the masses. Safety in numbers right?

The old diet dogma of ‘eat less and exercise more’ is perpetuated over and over again!

Well I am here to help change that. I am not going to let my 20 odd years of diet misery, torture and self-destruction (AKA good research) go to waste. My pain has fuelled a desire to stop this madness and start to share the truth about nutrition, diets, as well as the food and diet industry.

So what is the deal then?

OK are you ready?

Here is the truth……

Simply eating less and exercising more does not work and actually makes the situation WORSE!

(trust me… I was a fitness instructor for over 10 years and I can testify this)

‘But wait’ you cry…. ‘don’t you need a calorie deficit in order to lose weight?’

YES you do. Calories do indeed count BUT here is the deal breaker. The type of calories count MORE!

Eating less calories without addressing the underlying cause of weight gain is futile. Eating less and exercising more simply makes the metabolism BETTER at storing fat and WORSE at burning fat!


So is our diet and dieting a major cause of weight gain?

Sadly it is! That and the wrong type of calories.

Our human machinery has evolved over 2.5 millions years yet the last 10,000 years have seen a vast change in our diet and lifestyle. Which is a mere blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.

The last 100 years has seen a seismic shift in the quality and type of calories meaning that our machinery cannot cope and in a protective fashion, the body is storing fat more efficiently than ever. All processed,beige food is designed for one thing…. PROFIT! They are devoid of the nutrients we need and actually strip more nutrients from our bodies as they are digested and eliminated than they put back in. More over, our precious gut micro-biome (the good bugs, a large part of our immune system and protective barrier from disease) is being outnumbered by the bad bugs feasting on our stress and beige diets!

Read more about Dr Michael Mosley and his incredible research in the the gut for health and weight loss

Beige foods are cheap, convenient and designed to hit the dopamine receptors… they TASTE AMAZING! By making people addicted and frequent buyers (ever tried to eat just one Pringle or stop at one Jaffa cake?) these companies are making fortunes from us.

The magic combination of fat, salt and sugar means these foods are super easy to overeat and create a metabolic catastrophe for our fat burning machinery. Simply eating less of these calories will disrupt the mechanics even more as the body becomes even more malnourished and strives to maintain it’s weight.

We also need to understand that many other factors will inhibit your ability to reverse the damage caused by our modern human lifestyle such as stress, poor sleep, inactivity, depression, a poor relationship with yourself for example.

But believe it or not…. address nutrition and most of these issues will start to resolve naturally.

Paleo, Keto Atkins, LCHF, Vegan diets… they are all just names for diets. Pick the bits that work for you & just call it the YOU diet!

So how do I start to ‘un-diet’ myself?

I am so glad you asked!

OK first things first. You have to break your relationship with beige, dead foods and go #BeigeFree

Healthy grilled salmon dish

This might not sound easy or pleasant so here is the secret….

Swap I can’t to I don’t! (read more in my blog: the two words that kill your diet)

Switch your mindset from weight loss to health. Instead of looking at food as good or bad, start to look at foods as nourishing or energy and nutrient robbing.

I don’t do beige

The secret to lasting weight loss is to choose foods with the most amount of nutrients, with the least amount of calories and those that keep you fuller for longer AND satisfy your taste buds.

Beige foods are highly palatable, easy to over eat and addictive and are devoid of nourishment!

Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!

Become label savvy. It does not matter how low fat, whole grain or fortified it is, it will NOT help repair your metabolic machinery or resolve the low energy, lack of motivation or faulty hunger and appetite signals.

So what are beige, dead foods? Read my blog here:

So what is left to eat?

Everything that is natural and real!! It won’t come with labels with long lists of ingredients. It will look like it did in it’s original form with very little interference from man or the food industry.

When you base your diet on these foods, you will naturally feel fuller, more energised. Your hunger and appetite will become balanced making the journey so much easier and more enjoyable. No more raging cravings, binges or feelings of denial to fight with. You simple choose to enjoy real food and no longer ‘do’ beige, dead food!

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Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

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