So what is the Ultimate Fat Loss Approach?

The Ultimate Fat Loss Plan

What it is not: a low calorie, low fat diet plan with lots of cardio exercise!

What it is: In summary, living eating and moving in a way that is in alignment with our genetic blue print and DNA which allows us to achieve optimal health, weight and state of mind.

Sounds easy in theory right? But we are brain washed in this crazy modern world and we are all stressed and confused!

So let me take you through a brief over view of the Ultimate Fat Loss approach and my #fatcontrolling philosophy, #BanishtheBeige and how you can get the most enjoyment and happiness out of your years!

What are humans designed to eat?

We are ‘brainwashed by beige’. In a nutshell we should be regularly consuming…. meat, fish, vegetables, some fruits and nuts!

Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!
Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!

The food, diet and health industry have brainwashed us by beige! We no longer even know what we should be eating.

When you look at our ancestors, pre-agriculture, they were never overweight. They didn’t consume grains, starches, sugar and vast quantities of vegetable oils. 10,000 years ago obesity was rare.

Today 67% of men and 57% of women are overweight or obese.

We are programmed to overeat for survival and as such, our modern foods are addictive and very easy to over eat. 2.5 millions years of evolution has designed us to stock up on fuel in case of famine. But the famine never comes for us and with modern beige and dead foods, it is too easy to over ride our internal satiety signals.

Did you know that we can live and exist without carbohydrates yet we cannot survive without protein, water and fat?

Our modern society and diet drives Insulin, which is our primary hormone for storing fat! When we consume foods that drive insulin all day, we will store fat and stop burning fat ALL day. Starchy carbs are just a form of energy and for most of the population, especially the overweight, we are consuming WAY too much and so it stops us burning fat and makes us store excess very easily.


There are around 57 different names used in food labels for sugar. Pay special attention to these and natural sugars as even fruit can drive insulin if eaten to excess in smoothies, juices and as snacks.


The less we eat like our ancestors, the sicker and fatter we become. Our brains are shrinking because we are not consuming the correct ratio of essential fats. Around 72% of what we eat today was NOT consumed for around 98.8% of our evolution! Are we surprised we are getting sick and fat?

So since eating modern, processed grains and vegetable oils we are getting shorter, sicker, fatter and our brains are shrinking!

Do you see any other mammal or animal count calories?

When you cut calories, either through eating less or exercising more, this initiates a stress response and the body will signal hormones to ramp up fat storing, appetite and hunger hormones. You will never win this calorie counting game. We do not burn all calories in the same way which is why calorie counting alone will never give long term fat loss.

Your body resembles what goes into it!


Your body has a set point weight. Simply cutting calories will not reset this. A low calorie diet can use up to 45% of muscle tissue for energy in a day. When we eat to heal our metabolism, we will naturally feel full and satisfied.


Unless you balance your metabolism naturally by eating more of the right things, moving in the right ways and managing stress better, your body will simply fight with you until you are back at your set point. Gaining weight often takes years. So resetting your natural set point can take years. Slow, steady and intelligently wins the race.

We need fat to thrive! 

Contrary to conventional dietary advice, we are wrongly led to believe that low fat is best! It might surprise you to know that essential anabolic hormones for creating and keeping a lean physique, balanced moods and brain chemistry such as testosterone are made from fat.

What is important to know is which fats are best. Our modern, western food chain is rich in margarines and vegetable oils which upsets the delicate balance of essential fats that are crucial for well being. Natural fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, fish oils, grass fed butter and lard enhance our metabolism and fat burning machinery. Our ancestors thrived on a diet of around 75% fat for 2 million years.

Fat is only harmful when the wrong types are consumed and in the presence of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Unfortunately, most of our modern processed beige, dead junk foods are rich in poor quality fats, refined carbohydrates and sugars. AKA Fat storing bombs!

What about exercise? Won’t that help?

The bad news for most people is that it won’t work when the diet isn’t right and we are loaded with stress! If you are consuming too many carbs, your body will simply use this for fuel and never access your body fat. If you are stressed and tired, adding exercise can increase your fat storing and muscle burning effects, creating a weaker, fatter and more broken body!


It would take running a marathon to lose just 1lb! And what’s more marathon running alone does not build muscle. In fact it can burn it away and make you even more hungry. So for this reason, anabolic exercise such as sprints, weight training and HIIT are highly beneficial for building the most metabolically active tissue on the body which encourages a higher metabolic rate.

How to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

In summary, KHIIT, often called ‘The Ketogenic Diet’ combines high fat and low carbohydrate diets with High Intensity Interval Training and stress management for fat loss. The Ultimate Fat Loss Plan is a way of living, not a short term protocol.

Focus on good quality meat, offal, fish, eggs, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, oily fish, non-starchy green and fibrous vegetables, salads, nuts, full fat dairy and low sugar fruits. Choose short burst, high intensity training such as sprints and weight lifting. Add in lots of relaxation, leisure activities such as walking and good quality sleep.

The reality is that humans thrive on this type of moving and eating A high fat diet, medium protein diet and low carbohydrate diet is how our genes have been programmed and have evolved on over millions of years.


For more support on how to live this way, I have a FREE community and support page for advice and recipes. My method of fat controlling adopts many of these principles. I recognise how difficult it can be to make the changes in the beginning, and so my fat controlling method and support group was founded. Please join us here.


Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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