Yesterday I was poisoned……..

There is nothing like being super tired to make you crave beige, dead junk food. YEP! After a fabulous visit to the Alexander McQueen exhibition at 4.30am in London Sunday morning I was left feeling extremely tired that day.

My teens and I fancied a duvet day in front of the TV watching our favourite movies. Perfect! What better to accompany our movie feast than a junk food feast too!!! Sounds good huh?

Now being a well seasoned non-beige food eater for some time, I still struggle with actually going ahead with it. The smell and thought used to be very appealing to me but once I see the packaging or the food itself I go off it immediately. The smell has become alien to me now.

How my fridge looks these days

Anyway, I decided to run with it. A few slices of pizza, a few chunky chips, a bag of crisps, a small handful of chocolate buttons……

Now to me this was a #beigedeadfood feast yet once upon a time it would have led to an all day binge and a subsequent free fall into self-pity, over eating and self-loathing for days after. I could rarely trust myself to even take a bite of milk chocolate or bread. Would I be safe?

Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!
Only #beigedeadfood can be this cheap and accessible everywhere!

Something magical has happened…..

My body, heart and mind just didn’t want it. No matter how hard I looked at it and tried to reason that it was a one off and to enjoy, I just did not enjoy it one bit. What’s more….. I felt lousy. I mean really lousy.

I still felt hungry yet bloated

I didn’t feel satisfied in the sense I didn’t feel I had eaten anything I really enjoyed.

Roll on that night….. I craved my signature green smoothie! Yep! I made myself a delicious kale, ginger, cocoa, spinach, courgette, kiwi and protein based smoothie. Now that hit the spot and immediately. The taste was real, fresh and instant. I felt satisfied and soothed from the inside out.

FullSizeRender (2)
#beigedeadfood no longer scares me! I am in control! I am a fat controller!

How did I cure my addiction?

  • I started to replace my beige foods with REAL, unprocessed and fresh foods.
  • I learned to love them slowly as my taste buds slowly came back to life and regained their natural preferences.
  • I increased my vegetable and fibre intake 10 FOLD!
  • Will power is exhaustible. YEP! You can’t will your way out of food addiction. Being tired is just one example of how will power can dissolve leaving you vulnerable to the big, bad #beigedeadfood!
  • I use protein to manage my hearty appetite and cravings. I  chose good protein powder sources (a great article by Christine Bailey), lean meats, eggs, nut, seeds, fish for example.
  • I stick to sugar free drinks (with the exception of my beloved nightly glass of wine) and I read EVERY LABEL.
  • I have learned to empathise with myself. I recognise I am not perfect and it’s OK. I have a tendency to become addicted to certain foods as they hijack my pleasure centres and so I must respect how I feel when I have them.
  • I am no longer a ‘binge eater’ because I made mistakes and learned form them. I didn’t cure myself over night. It took time and patience. I learned to recognise the reasons behind it. Sometimes it was boredom and sometimes anger. But I know that I never ever binged on broccoli or chicken for example. So there was a BIG red flag on some foods. Understanding my weaknesses gave me the strength to understand.
  • I NEVER let myself feel deprived by thinking I CAN’T have certain foods. I accept that I CAN have them ANYTIME but I am choosing not too. I am choosing to feel amazing and empowered.
  • I learned to look at food as nourishment and information instead of calories or for pain/pleasure. I strengthen this connection everyday by learning which are the best foods for my ultimate health and vitality. By focusing and enjoying these it leaves very little room for the #beigedeadfoods that once controlled my life.

The freedom from food addiction has been the most life changing experience for me. No longer is every waking moment tortured of controlled by food.

Want to learn how to be a fat controller and banish the beige and dead foods that are so addictive? Click here, my FREE non-judgmental group is here to help you fall in love with your diet and your body, free from addiction and confusion.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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