OK so we all know that we need to detox excess Estrogen’s.  Now the Liver is the heart of our metabolism.  Our Liver works day and night to detox our bodies.  Our current environment is full of potential toxins and sometimes it can be just too much for this incredible organ to cope with :

  1. Alcohol
  2. Pesticides from crops (coffee and cocoa being the worst for this)
  3. Hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, additives, drugs and medications
  4. Plastics from packaging, utensils, bottles, storage etc
  5. Heavy metals (fillings anyone?)
  6. Alcohol (yes I know – this one had to be added)
  7. Chemicals from treated water
  8. Stress!
  9. Avoid commercial non fermented soya products

These are just a few – I could list many many more.  So what to do?

Well we can try to limit exposure as much as possible.  It’s thinking about the big rocks – what are the biggest things you can do?

  1. Limit coffee and if you must have it use organic.
  2. Drink Green Tea
  3. Avoid plastic containers and bottles unless EPA free and avoid heating them in microwaves etc
  4. Try to buy produce that is not in plastic bags
  5. Limit alcohol – the Liver cannot detox anything else while it is metabolising Alcohol
  6. Try to relax as often as you can, check sleep, listen to relax apps (my favourite Andrew Johnson) and where needed get some adrenal support (Tulsi tea, Ashwaghanda, Rhodilia, Ginseng etc)
  7. Use Milk Thistle – this is a well known herb that is used to help detox liver – use 400mg throughout the day.
  8. Lift weights!  Yep this increases Testosterone, which will buffer the drop in cortisol allowing progesterone to stay up.  This stops the relative dominance of Estrogen.
  9. Increase your intake of green veggies 10 fold.  Cruciferous and sulphur producing veggies help the Liver by mopping up excess Estrogen’s: Cabbage, Kale, Kholrabi, Rocket, Watercress, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leeks, Onions, Garlic, Brussels

Personally I also have a water filter.  For more information for discount on an Eco friendly, low cost water filter.  Visit my shop.

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller

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