Fat Controlling Cookery – a series of cookery books aimed at fat loss and long term health.

Let me explain!  This is not DIET food!  This is FAT CONTROLLING food.

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If you don’t like to eat great tasting food then you have hit the wrong page!

Fat controlling cookery is for people who LOVE food but HATE diets!


Sound Familiar?

“I just don’t know what to eat anymore and I just can’t seem to lose weight!”

“I just can’t seem to stick to my diet and I am getting fatter! HELP!!!”

“Despite eating less food and less calories and fat, I just don’t seem to lose the weight”

“I am tired of cooking different dishes for the whole family”

How About This?

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Try this ginger, carrot and nut loaf

Do you love to eat to feel full and satisfied?

Do you get bored of eating the same old things?

Would you love to eat great food but not have to spend hours in the kitchen?

Would you love to be inspired to eat new and different things?

These books will teach you how to turn traditional family favourites and everyday food into fat controlling delights that will having you feeling full, energised and best of all encourage your body to burn without even trying! Each page will contain a nugget of information that can effortlessly enhance you fat controlling AND cooking skills too!


What is fat controlling food?

There are no magic foods that will burn fat for you!  In fact there is nothing magic that will burn fat for you except learning the tools of a fat controller and then applying them.  Fat burning food in the context of my programmes and books are foods that do not interfere or clog your fat burning machinery.  In the most part it is food that is not #beigedeadfood.

What is #beigedeadfood?

#beigedeadfood is food that has been processed, refined, cooked, re-cooked, emulsified, preserved, flavoured, genetically modified, chemically enhanced, pre-formed, remoulded….. I think you are starting to get the picture.

Why are these books so different?

This is the first cookery book of it’s kind and is designed to be used along side my fat loss programmes and diet book (to be finished). I have trained with the most highly acclaimed experts in the field of fat loss. I have read the most recent, up to date, scientific and clinically proven data available. I am freeing 1000s of men and women from the diet trap.  It is my mission to free you too!  And to share all you need to know about becoming a fat burning, fat controller.

Are you ready for me to show you how you can to eat MORE food?

Are you ready for me to show you how you can achieve a healthy, lean body without ever counting a single calorie again?

Are you ready to become a fat controller?





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