Hurrah – spring finally feels like it is on it’s way.  Today I am releasing the details of what will be my last 4-week journey until April.  There have been some changes made to the timetable this winter and after lots of feedback I have also made some amendments to the structure of my 4 week journey!

My mission statement!

“My mission is to positively influence and inspire every single person I meet, even if just a tiny bit, to lead a happy, healthy and well deserved fat loss lifestyle that takes away the trauma of diets thus freeing them to love who they truly are” – Jill, The Fat Controller

4-Week Fat Loss Journey with the Fat Controller

Do you constantly diet or think about food?
Maybe you are always confused about what to eat or maybe you are a slave to your scales?

This 4 week educational fat loss journey is for anyone who wants to stop the diet trap and learn and master the science and daily practice of living the fat loss lifestyle.  The next one departs Monday February 27th!

This journey will change the way you look at food for the rest of your life.  During the 4 weeks you have access to 3 different and unique Metabolic Effect 30-min fat burning workouts every week to help aid your fat burning potential.  You will also receive 20% discount on all your shopping at the Nutri-centre in Milton Keynes, discount on the  fat burning cookery evening at the Inspired Gourmet Cookery School and discount on Colonic Hydrotherapy at the Hering Clinic.  You will also have the opportunity to attend a private shopping evening and mini seminar at the Nutri-centre MK.

At the very beginning of the journey you will complete a dietary questionnaire and brain chemistry quiz to begin to understand your unique burner type.  From here we will learn how to be detectives and how food is information for the body.  I will also give you some great mindset tools and tips on how to make this journey something to enjoy forever!

You will receive a Fitstop manual and Fuel guide on the foods to eat and how to manipulate your existing diet to maximise your fat burning potential plus a fabulous cookery e-book to give you some amazing recipes to kick start your fat burning lifestyle!  I have videos of workouts and cookery to help you along the way too.

Along with the workouts and you will receive daily emails and weekly worksheets to gain further understanding into the science behind hormonal fat loss and how to master the fat loss mindset .  You will also gain access to the VIP member’s only Facebook and recipe pages.  Once a week I will offer a live Q&A session for you to chat as a group, ask questions and generally look for support.  It is here you will meet your other fat loss team members with whom you will become great friends with during the classes and other events.

Here is the link to the class timetable and locations:

And here is the link to the page about the 4-week course:

To book simply send me an email and I will send you payment details.  Once you have paid you will receive all the pre-course material and quizes and you can start immediately.

Here are the details on the fat burning cookery course which members of Hate it? Change it! will receive a discount code:

Places are strictly limited as I love to give each member as much attention as I can.  Here are just some testimonials from existing participants well into their fat loss journey!

“For the first time ever I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. Im really enjoying this way of eating, I’m cooking more and have far more energy than I’ve had for ages and feel so much more healthy! Thank you Jill Gardner. xx” – Sue


Jill Gardner just back from shopping for my outift and am over the moon to be in a small size. Can’t believe the transformation a month has done for me. Thank you so much xxx” – Dilshad


“Dear ‘Fat Controller’ and ‘My Fitstop Motivators’


I can’t thank you all enough for what you’ve done for me this year. I started my journey with you all in August and never would of believed the transformation possible in me in just 4 months, at 12st 13lb, I was feeling overweight, unfit, sluggish, tired, worn out, no energy and my ‘Get Up and Go’ had just ‘Got Up and Gone’, I was about to hit 13 stone and thought, enough was enough, it was time to be Jillybeaned!…..


4 months later, 1st 8lb lighter and now 11st 5lb, (an average loss of 1.3lb per week), I’m now fitting into long lost party dresses, feeling full of life, happier, healthier, fitter, toned, energised, glowing skin, food binging and cravings diminished, it’s true, you really truly are what you eat, this is an easy lifestyle choice for me now forever, I’m excited to see where I’ll be in another 4 months, and how far will I be next summer, then a year into my journey!!!


I really wouldn’t of believed so much positive change could of been possible in such a short space of time, dreams really can come true, Jill Gardner and My Fitstop Motivators, I couldn’t have done it without you all, I wish you all the Happiest of Christmas’s, you’ve all given me the best present ever and no need for New Year’s Resolutions for me this year, you’ve already helped me to accomplished mine! –


Thank you Darlings and looking forward to celebrating all of our achievements together this evening xxx” -Julie


Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line should you have any further questions!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill x

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