OK some tough loving coming from the fat controller this morning.


No pussy footing around being nice. Sometimes you just have to hear it. Today I feel like spelling it out. Who knows it could give you the kick up the backside you need?

  • Have you found yourself stuck at your current weight?
  • Are worse….it’s creeping up steadily?
  • Or maybe you are feeling crappy most days. Struggling to get through each day?
  • Are you dabbling at diets? Weak feeble, short lived attempts to shed weight? Starting out with full intentions only to find you crumble at the slightest crumb or grain of sugar?
  • Are you kidding yourself that you WILL lose weight soon. That it’s just a matter of time?

The truth of the matter is that you are being lied to by the food and diet industry. They are telling you complete and utter lies. They are selling you an incorrect false hope. You will NOT be able to get into the shape and health you want by eating their #beigedeadfood and diet claims!


A zookeeper puts signs in front of cages saying ‘please do not feed that animals’. Have you ever thought about that? If you feed the lions on popcorn or gorillas on pizza, they get sick and die. The zookeeper knows that there is particular feeding pattern that is right for each of these creatures. We now realise that there is a particular feeding pattern appropriate for human creatures as well. – Geoff Bond, Deadly Harvest

deadly harvest

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If you are trying to lose weight because you have excess body fat then any form of processed #beigedeadfood will STOP you from losing body fat. WHY? Because your metabolism isn’t well. It isn’t functioning optimally which is why you are struggling with your weight. #Beigedeadfood will clog and mess up your metabolic engine. You can play the numbers game for so long and eat less. But pretty soon this attempt with burn out. You have not evolved to thrive in this way, The only way to correct this is to return to nature and work in harmony with your amazing body!

So how do you this that?

Simple. Ditch the #beigedeadfood and save it for special occasions. Maybe once or twice a week you can enjoy your favourite foods but LEARN TO LOVE REAL FOOD again and I guarantee you will no longer enjoy these #beigedeadfoods. Your taste buds and brain neurotransmitters have been brainwashed to crave the very foods making you fat and sick!


Get savvy. If it has a label and you decide to eat it. Read the label and learn about those ingredients. Go on a cookery course, ask a friend to show you how to cook! For your sake, start to take control of the foods you eat. No one else is forcing you to eat it.

If you start to understand more about the impact this #beigedeadfood is having on your health, metabolism and general wellbeing it will become easier to say no. Once you start to enjoy the taste and flavour of real food you will start to crave it.

Trust me! I am living proof. You CAN eat more and achieve a healthy body weight. But focus on foods from natures great harvest. Not foods that have been manufactured.

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller



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