Occasionally a change to a fat loss diet can result in digestive upset. Any of the following can be a potential cause:

a)   Increased vegetable consumption

b)   Protein shakes

c)   Protein bars

d)   Too much animal protein

Bars-  Many people have issues with them.  Look for the sugar alcohols and get the ones that have less of them.  These can wreak havoc and cause gas in some.  Xylitol can also do this.

Shakes- After bars, the shakes can be an issue. The best way to handle this is make sure you don’t go up to high too fast. Start at 20g doses.

Vegetables- Many people have issues with vegetable fibre especially if they begin eating a large amount of raw vegetables.

Animal protein- Can cause issues in some with low HCL in the stomach and will often lead to burping and a lasting feeling of fullness in the belly.

Eating slower and using digestive enzymes can help.  I highly recommend Pro-biotics and Glutamine to help boost gut health.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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