So, have you been wondering about the benefits of coconut oil, in particular for helping you to lose weight, but you just don’t know the truth. All will be revealed in the article, so you can finally know whether you should be out shopping for the oil, or whether you should leave it on the supermarket shelf. More importantly, should you be splashing this into your healthy lunch box?

Fore more than a decade now, this food has been used as an essential source of health and wellbeing, despite being labeled as one of the bad fats for weight loss. This has been largely due to its saturated fat content. But recent studies have discovered that coconut oil benefits outweigh the negative and it contains many nutrients required to maintain a well balanced diet. It first became quite popular in the tropical areas where the palm trees grow at their best and now it’s actually considered to be one of the most health oils that you can consume, but for a number of reasons.

Before I go into the main benefits, I wanted to talk first about Virgin Coconut Oil.

What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

This is the first place to get your unrefined oil. In order to make the oil free from trans fatty acids, no chemicals can be used so Virgin Coconut oil is shredded, cold pressed and then the milk is for 24-36 hours, fermented and the oil is separated from the curds. So make sure you look out for this type of oil.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Now although some saturated fats are bad for you, those found in cakes, pastries etc that possess no nutritional value, there are a number of health benefits to coconut oil, namely it’s lauric acid content that plays a big role in balancing your body’s immune system. It’s this acid in the body that will go in and fight off viruses, yeast, fungi and bacteria in the body, so that’s got to be a good thing! In addition, it’s this acid that has potential for treating AIDS and other disorders.

How Much Coconut Oil Should I Consume?

Now even though I’ve been talking a bit about the benefits, you shouldn’t start going out and drinking pints of the stuff. It will only take a small amount for you to benefit, without affecting your waist line. Experts are suggesting that for a balanced diet 3.5 tablespoons per day is a good suggestion for adults.

Thyroid & Coconut Oil

The relationship between the oil and the thyroid is one that has been debated for a long time and according to some reports it is very good for thyroid health which is awesome as it could really kick-start some people back on the right track. This report came out in Woman’s World Magazine in America (where The Lunch Box Diet was featured on the cover saying it brought ‘gold star results’ and was ‘the easiest diet!). The study said that it helped prevent thyroid disease, either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Other reports backed up the magazine’s findings and this was linked to the fact that lowering cholesterol will help to treat thyroid problems.

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss?

Now here’s for the juicy bit. Now we’ve discussed about the saturated fat issue of the oil already but why is coconut oil linked with weight loss? Well this  is due to the medium chain fatty acids or MCTs contained in the oil. Although this is a high saturated fat, because it doesn’t circulate in the blood stream like most fats, they instead are sent to the liver where they’re converted into energy. So rather than holding as fat, these fatty acid give you that extra bounce. Great! There have been a number of studies to back this up, one of which was conducted in Yucatan where the oil is staple part of the diet. In this study it found that the metabolic rates of people in this area were 25% higher than comparable tests in other countries. Now I’m not saying that other variables didn’t come into play, but it’s worth taking note of. We need to remember that the people living in this area have this DAILY!

One of the most interesting studies was that farmers tried to fatten up their animals on the oil and it actually made them leaner. In humans they tested it on, most reported weight loss, increased energy and superior sleep patterns.

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller

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