When embarking on a ‘diet’ or new ‘health regime’ our conditioning automatically does into perfection mode. Does this sound like you?
  • I WILL give up wheat
  • I WILL stop drinking
  • I WILL give up chocolate
  • I WILL be good all week
  • I WILL go to the gym everyday
  • I WILL stop eating sugar

Has this kind of thinking worked in the past?

Does it work for the long term? NO!

And is it helping your self-esteem? NO!

Notice how it’s all about giving up and stopping things. Why would the human mind want to give up the pleasurable things! The language you use is more important that you think. Try this:

  • I WILL feel amazing
  • I WILL fuel my body with delicious colourful food everyday
  • I WILL avoid the #beigedeadfood that robs me of my vitality
  • I WILL feel energised after my short workouts
  • I WILL feel so alive after my daily walks
  • I WILL love myself more each time I meditate and visualise
  • I WILL focus on eating more protein and fibre at meal times to sustain my energy and control my appetite

Can you see how this is much more helpful? The human mind will bring you towards pleasure of great results rather than focusing on the pain of giving up things.


So what about this cheating then? Well what I mean by this is, by giving yourself permission to consciously choose foods that you would ordinarily associate with giving up on ‘diets’ it allows you to develop a healthy mindset and relationship around food. There is no one bad food. It’s generally that we eat too much of certain bad foods. BUT that does’t mean we HAVE to give them up. Planned cheat meals work because:

  • They give us permission to not be perfect
  • They remind us that certain foods, while tasting good at the time, can actually make you feel worse later
  • They remind us often times that they are not as tasty as you once thought
  • They allow you to have flexibility around friends and family
  • They teach us not to be obsessed and that food is a pleasure and we are allowed to experience it
  • They teach us control and empowerment around our food
  • They can boost the metabolism temporarily when used after a period of reduced carbohydrate or calorie consumption
  • They encourage a positive mentality around long term fat controlling!


Weekends work well for a planned cheat meal (note: a meal works well as a cheat but an evening or a day is less effective and can actually derail you for some time after. Try to plan your cheat to one meal or one snack. AND try to avoid cheating for the sake of cheating. Use if on something you will REALLY enjoy and appreciate! And then……DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! Move on and start fat controlling immediately after – just one positive thought can get you back on plan)

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller


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