How many times do you hear people say it when they are frustrated at not losing weight?

‘But I eat healthy most of the time!’

Oooooooh I have been guilty of this. Have you?



Yep, well the truth of the matter is this. Most of the time could be just 51% of the time.

Do you think that eating clean, low-carb, low-fat, calorie controlled or whatever diet you follow for only 51% of the time will bring results?

What if you were really honest with yourself. How much is ‘most’ of the time really?

the average diet only lasts 19 days. Mostly because it relies on will power and lack of awareness. Real change is hard at the start but only requires consistent and persistent actions.

The term ‘healthy’ can mean a million things. A bowl of porridge can sound healthy, but if you are eating double the amount…. then this isn’t healthy. You could be eating lots of ‘healthy’ fruit when the reality is that the sugar in too much fruit can stop progress completely.

That glass of wine, latte, biscuit, pack of nuts, handful of crisps, snack bar, salad dressing, side of chips, snacking on fruit, the fruit smoothies, not reading the labels……


What if you stopped for a while to take note. Either a keeping food journal, an app or use simple mindfulness to really observe your habits and choices. Would you start to see EXACTLY what mostly looks like.

What if you created awareness and increased your most to 80% or even 90% to plan for 4-6 weeks?

Research has shown, those who journal and keep a food diary alongside being in a supportive community achieve much better results and adherence.


Why not give it a go?

I have created a community to do just this AND it’s FREE! Come join our group #BanishtheBeige where we hold ourselves accountable and share our journey and progress!


Just see how Debbie has achieved this just by banishing the beige, starchy carbohydrates!

Let’s open our eyes to the truth and be REALLY honest with ourselves!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller



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