Firstly, have you signed the petition to help Jamie Oliver fight for food education for every child? Did you know that May 15th was The Real Food Revolution Day?

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To celebrate Jamie Oliver’s #FoodRevolutionDay  join #Debeigetox!


Sign up here: #Debeigetox is a 2 week challenge designed to teach you how to #banishthebeige, belly and bloat.

#Beigedeadfood is everywhere and it’s contributing to our rising health and obesity crisis. Our kids are being bought up eating it and we are getting lazy with our cooking and eating. If we don’t stop this trend, the obesity will become the norm and parents from this generation are in danger of out living their kids.

For the firs time in human history there are more overweight people than there are underweight.

So what is the challenge? Simply this. Join us for two weeks and see if you manage without the beige, processed foods for just 2 weeks! I want to challenge you to try new things and experience the health benefits of eating real food to nourish your body.

What is #beigedeadfood anyway?

#Beigedeadfood is a term I have penned to classify all foods that are processed beyond recognition. Beige carbohydrate can hinder fat loss and energy management. So the following information is key.

Most beige foods are carbohydrate based. Carbohydrates that are beige are generally starches with little fibre in relative to their natural sugars (in other words – lots of natural sugars). Carbohydrates rich in colour tend to be vegetables, salad, fruits such as berries (fibrous carbohydrates  that are lower in natural sugars) or root vegetables which generally have much less sugar in than beige counterparts. These foods also have much more nutrients on board too.

#Beigedeadfood isn’t food as our ancestors knew it. The the human body has not evolved to metabolise it well. In other words it causes metabolic mayhem for us. It upset delicate fat metabolising hormones as well as hunger and appetite signalling. It makes us efficient fat storers!

#Beigedeadfoods are addictive! You can’t overeat healthy foods but you sure as hell can beige!


Because it’s low in fibre, water and protein and high in sugars making it VERY easy to overeat as it’s not filling and what’s worse it is full of appetite stimulators and additives. Ever started a pack of biscuits with the intention of only have 1 or 2…. moments later the whole packet has gone and you are still hungry? Eating these foods, even when low calorie, will make it impossible to manage your hunger and weight naturally which is why dieting never works. The food industry have got us good! And the diet industry have too! My mission is to inform everyone of the very foods that are making us fat, sick and tired. Then help support you to make the right choices MOST or ALL of the time!

#Beigedeadfood generally doesn’t look anything like it did in it’s natural state or it was never something that grew in the ground, a tree or ran, flew or swam in the first place. ALWAYS in packets/boxes etc. As a rule,

#beigedeadfoods has more than one ingredient in and many of the ingredients you wouldn’t know what they are or are modified. It would have been cooked, partially cooked, dried, fried, baked etc. Exceptions to this are beige foods that are beige in colour but are not dead in this context because it has grown in the ground and you can see what it is/was.

Examples: Cauliflower, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, banana, butter, oats, potato

These are beige but I don’t class them as dead until they are in products that are unrecognisable.

They are a great source of energy for active people and contain useful nutrition.

Other beige foods such as chicken are not starch based and so don’t fall under this category UNLESS it’s added to a beige and dead pie, pizza or sandwich for example.

Typical beige and dead foods to avoid or limit: Pizza, pie, biscuits, pasta, breads, pastry, cookies, cakes, ice creams, commercial milk chocolate, crisps, cereals, cereal bars, commercial sauces and ready meals, crackers, processed cheeses, breaded foods, sandwiches, processed yoghurts and smoothies with hidden sugars, commercial juices, designer coffees

Foods with crumbs tend to be the worst for weight and energy management! – Jill

So you fancy joining us? The Newsletter with the details of the sign up goes out tomorrow. So make sure you are on it to join in the 2 week #Debeigetox challenge!

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Big love, small tummies! Jill – The Fat Controller

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