Jill with weightsOften I am asked what I typically eat and what I do as a fat controller, to maintain my healthy body weight.

So I decided to summarise a day in the life of a fat controller!  If you want to see a list of my fat controlling essentials then click here

Sunday afternoon is my preferred time for organising my food and shopping for the week.  Often I will update my workout schedule too.  This means I don’t have to worry about it for the majority of the week!

  • 6am – I naturally wake around hungry and very thirsty!  I get a couple of pints of water down!

I make my self a nice hot cup of cocoa or green tea and set about working, planning my days work and scheduling jobs

  • 6.30am – I get the children up and we all eat breakfast together.  I typically avoid starches in the mornings when I am working out.  

Typically we will eat eggs, beans, left over veggies and dinners, protein pancakes, protein smoothies, omelette’s and salad, boiled eggs etc.  I take fish oil, pre-biotics, multi-vitamin, Zinc, Magnesium, B vits and sometimes Aloe Vera.

  • 8.30am – after the kids have left I will head to the gym or do a workout at home.  I take a pre-workout drink of alkalising salts!

Typically it will be a rest based workout – consisting of weights and full body movements or I might choose some form of cardio sprint intervals.  I am rarely in the gym longer than 30 mins!

  • 10am – back home for a post workout out homemade protein bar, smoothie (protein powder, coconut milk and fresh spinach or some frozen banana or yoghurt)  or a snack and a greens drink.  Then its back to work!

Another cocoa to take back up to the office! (with plenty of water of course)

  • 11am – I may try to go for a walk or do some housework to get a break.  Sometimes it’s filming workouts too.

Basically anything to get me moving and fidgeting! Yes this is the secret of naturally slim people!

  • 1pm – By now I am hungry and ready for lunch

Typically it will be a salad and fish or I’ll make some crustless quiches or have left overs.  I will have lots of greens and veggies for fibre and some lean clean proteins too!  I wil take some more fish oils and magnesium.

  • 3.30pm – the children arrive home from school and often we will have a snack together.  My favourite afternoon snack is berries and greekyoghurt with nuts and seeds or some dark chocolate and Brazil nuts!

I will make sure the evening meal is cooked or ready so that when I return from teaching it’s ready to go!  Just before going to teach I will take a greens drink or alkalising salt mix in my water.

  • 5.30pm I go off to teach armed with lots of water!
  • 7pm – I will drink plenty of water as I drive back home to shower (I spray a nice amount of magnesium  on my legs, tummy and arms) and finish off cooking dinner.  I usually sit and eat around 7.15-730pm.  I will include some starches in this meal to help me sleep later and help push nutrients back into my muscles!!

Dinner is often a chili with beans and salad, homemade burgers and sweet potato chips and watercress, slow cooked chicken and lentils, Fish parcels and quinoa salad etc.  I ALWAYS make sure that there is enough leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day.  If there isn’t then I will plan the next days food.   I finish with fish oils.

Then it’s Tulsi tea all night with plenty of water.

  • 10.30pm I aim to be in bed, planning the next day, reading or masterminding new ideas!  I take water to bed with some added Glutamine to aid muscle repair.
It’s important to remember that routine and habits are crucial to sticking to a fat loss lifestyle.  Whilst I have to remain a little flexible to allow for changes in my work schedule and family commitments, largely my routine stays the same.  This enables many of myhabits to become rituals and therefore automatic activities that form part of each day.  Hopefully that has given you some insight into a day in the life of a practising fat controller.
Big love, small tummies!
Jill – The Fat Controller
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