So the first thing you need to understand is what exactly is #beigedeadfood? And why should you banish the beige or at least limit it?

When I gave up beige. dead foods I discovered the easiest way to maintain my weight and energy levels .Today I don’t even crave it and I stay effortlessly lean.

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Fall in love with food again!

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Just spend a little time with me and you will take on the habits of a fat controller. You will start to read food labels and packaging. You will become a beige food expert! In a very short space of time you will become your very own fat controller, hunger and energy management expert!

Well I love a bit of beige from time to time… but very rarely now as I don’t tend to want it anymore! This is a miracle from a former food addict. Actually I still am a food addict but now I am addicted to foods I love, that are good for me and are impossible to make me fat!

We are all intrinsically unique. For some of us abstinence will be the easiest thing but some of the lucky ones can get away with a small amount of beige from time to time. It depends on you and your goal. I can help you determine the best path for you.

If your goal is weight loss then you will need to be more strict with your choices. If your goal is just health and energy then you will just need to find a balance for you. Please do post your questions to me or join our group to gain direct access to my resources and help!

#Beigedeadfood is a term I have penned to classify all foods that are processed beyond recognition. Beige, dead foods are very easy to overeat. Due to their high sugar and/or fat content it is highly addictive and disruptive to your metabolic and hunger signalling leading to overeating and weight gain amongst other things.

To make it easier to understand, the following information is key:

Most beige foods are carbohydrate based. Carbohydrates that are beige are generally starches containing very little fibre relative to their natural sugars (in other words they contain lots of natural sugars and even natural ones can be an issue). Carbohydrates that are rich in colour tend to be vegetables, salad, fruits such as berries (fibrous carbohydrates  that are lower in natural sugars) or root vegetables which generally have much less sugar in than beige counterparts.

When you add high, processed fats to the mix, beige and dead foods become lethal to the body and acts like a fat storage atomic bomb in the body!

Fibrous carbohydrates are packed with fibre and water and naturally low in sugars!

#Beigedeadfood isn’t food as our ancestors knew it. The the human body has not evolved to metabolise it well. In other words it causes metabolic mayhem for us. It upset delicate fat metabolising hormones as well as hunger and appetite signalling. It makes us super hungry and efficient fat storers!

#Beigedeadfoods are addictive! You can’t overeat healthy foods but you sure as hell can over eat beige!

WHY? Because it’s low in fibre, water and protein and high in sugars making it VERY easy to overeat as it’s not filling and what’s worse it is full of appetite stimulators and additives. Ever started a pack of biscuits with the intention of only have 1 or 2…. moments later the whole packet has gone and you are still hungry?

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It’s impossible to over eat foods high in protein and fibre!

Eating these foods, even when low calorie, will make it impossible to manage your hunger and weight naturally which is why dieting never works. The food and diet industry have got us good!

My mission is to inform and educate everyone about the very foods that are making us fat, sick and tired. Then help support you to make the right choices MOST or ALL of the time….. #BanishtheBeige!

#Beigedeadfood generally doesn’t look anything like it did in it’s natural state or it was never something that grew in the ground, a tree or ran, flew or swam in the first place. ALWAYS in packets/boxes etc.

Generally speaking it has more than one ingredient in and many of the ingredients you wouldn’t know or are modified. It would have been cooked, partially cooked, dried, fried, baked etc.

Exceptions to this are beige foods that are beige in colour but are not dead in this context because it has grown in the ground and you can see what it is/was. Examples:

Cauliflower, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, banana, butter, oats, potato

These are beige but I don’t class them as dead until they are in products that are unrecognisable. They are a great source of energy for active people and contain useful nutrition.

Other beige foods such as chicken are not starch based and so don’t fall under this category UNLESS it’s added to a beige and dead pie, pizza or sandwich for example.

Typical beige and dead foods to avoid or limit:

Pizza, pie, biscuits, pasta, breads, pastry, cookies, cakes, ice creams, commercial milk chocolate, crisps, cereals, cereal bars, commercial sauces and ready meals, crackers, processed cheeses, breaded foods, sandwiches, processed yoghurts and smoothies with hidden sugars

Foods with crumbs tend to be the worst for weight and energy management! – Jill

No one food is banned or ‘bad’ necessarily but it will be a case of learning your unique metabolism and what foods you can tolerate better than others. Sometimes you can get away with small amounts say brown rice or quinoa with meals.


Fore more help with menu plans, shopping lists and other useful information join my free support group to get you on the right track!

Good luck!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The Fat Controller


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