9 things habits healthy and slim people practice everyday:

1. They make their health a priority

2. They practice a good bed time routine and get great sleep most nights

3. They move around and look for reasons to be active all day

4. They eat food that is as close to nature for 80% or more of the time and avoid ‪#‎beigedeadfood‬ as much as possible

5. They manage their stress response and make time for themselves to unwind

6. They never starve or overeat. They eat to be satisfied and never feel guilt around food or drink

7. They practice gratitude for their health and wellness and never take it for granted.

8. They invest time in their health EVERYDAY whether it is exercise, nutrition, learning, relaxation, walking, extra sleep, drinking water, cooking great food

9. They surround themselves with others that make their health a priority

How many do you practice? And how healthy are you right now?
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