Yesterday you didn’t have a care in the world and life was good. You felt excited about the plans you have made.

Today…….well that’s a different story. You feel tearful, snappy or perhaps just empty. Or maybe you just feel angry and nothing is going right. Perhaps you can’t put your finger on why!

My life totally sucks!

Why Hate it? Change it! started

The Lie

It’s not OK to feel OK. Your life must suck!

That is absolute rubbish!

Ever more we are bombarded with images of perfection in the media, or images of our friends and loved ones having an amazing life on Facebook. We are sold the illusion that in order to be happy we must be successful, have the perfect partner, live in an amazing house, be travelling the world, be skinny and have stacks of money in the bank.

If we experience a period of sadness, we are sold that we need fixing and should visit the Drs for some anti-depressants or that we aren’t enough so must strive for more success, more money… more of everything.

This is the biggest lie of all.

You were born enough, you are enough, you do need anything else or more to feel amazing. To feel amazing is your birthright.

The Reality

Ebbs and flow of emotions and mood is perfectly normal. YOU are normal. You don’t need fixing. Emotions are simply an internal compass to bring attention to the present moment and take stock.

Let me ask a question. Would you choose to feel sad?

When we are feeling good our energy is high. When we are feeling bad our energy is low.

A sad feeling simply means we have become internal and are caught up in thoughts about the past or future. We have got stuck in our head.

It’s a sign to take time out and practice some awareness. Emotions are a form of communication yet many try to ignore or use food, alcohol, anti-depressants or other means to suppress or avoid them.

We are conditioned to believe that it’s not OK to not feel OK.  When actually it’s perfectly OK to not to feel OK. Don’t ignore it or think it’s a sign you need fixing.

It just means this. You are not consciously choosing how to feel. You are simply asleep!


Yes that’s right, because no one would consciously choose to feel bad, sad, angry or broken.

If we were fully conscious all the time, we would be choosing the feel amazing every time without fail.

So how do you wake up and choose?

How to shift a bad mood in 60 seconds

Today I woke up feeling blurrrrrgh. I knew I had to take control else my whole day would be blurrrrrgh!

I got myself a fresh cup of black coffee, which is part of my daily ritual as I start work. Today, instead of firing up the laptop while mindlessly drinking the coffee, I focussed 100% on the coffee, on the taste, how fortunate I was to taste it and have access to it. I focussed on the stillness of that moment, the rich liquid in my mouth and how blissful it felt to have that moment with this delicious cup of coffee.

I was 100% awake and deep in gratitude for a simple cup of coffee!

After just 60 seconds I could feel my focus and energy change. 

Suddenly my mood is shifted… the world looked like a brighter, calmer and more loving place to me… yet the world hadn’t changed. I hadn’t changed.

I just changed how I saw one thing. This changed how I saw everything, changed my feelings and changed my energy.

You don’t have to use coffee. It could be anything. A glass of fresh water, a book you are reading, a loved one, your favourite shoes, the air that you are breathing. Just something you can feel deep gratitude for.

Just choose one thing you are grateful and focus on it for 60 seconds. As you focus, slow down your breathing  and be in the moment, turn the corners of you mouth up, smile and relax your muscles.

Concentrate that feeling of gratitude on everything about that thing or person and literally feel the shift in your energy. The stronger you focus and the stronger you think thoughts of deep gratitude, the more energy and bliss you will feel in that moment!

Don’t let a bad mood escalate into a bad life event or bad life. You can take control in just 60 seconds. Try it and let me know if it helps change your life like it has mine!

Big love, small tummies

Jill – The Fat Controller


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