I LOVE this time of year! Not because of all the lovely food and drink around but because of the time you get to spend with loved ones.

Years gone by Christmas would have been torture for me as I constantly battled to maintain my weight. Every Christmas would be spent with my calorie calculator at hand while I poured over all the labels. Christmas food shopping was a hideous affair. That was until I discovered fat controlling!!

The temptation is to buy lots of cheap Xmas food while it's all on offer! But ask yourself why? Do you need this much?
The temptation is to buy lots of cheap Xmas food while it’s all on offer! But ask yourself why? Do you need this much?

So YES you CAN absolutely avoid the average 7-10 lbs weight gain over Christmas with a few careful tricks that I have tried and tested over the years.

So how can you be a fat controller over Christmas with all this calorie laden food around? Well here are some simple tips:

  1. Only buy what you NEED and not what you think the whole neighbourhood wants to eat! If it’s not there you can’t eat it. Buy the best you can afford but LESS of it. So that taste is amazing and you can really indulge without over indulging! At this time of year it is common for people to buy HUGE amounts of food that lingers for weeks. Buy just enough for the few days over Christmas. Then you don’t have to battle with willpower and temptation which will invariably beat at some point!
  2. Fill your boots with protein at each meal. Eggs are a great breakfast source, use protein shakes and bars to fill you up before parties and events were the buffet food is on tap
  3. Avoid drinking your calories! Stick with cleaner drinks such as spirits with low calorie mixers such as tonic water and use small measures of wines and champagne.
  4. Limit all white or beige food (#beigedeadfood) to just a few bites. Take the lid of mince pies, tops of sandwiches, 1 roast potato instead of 5, a handful of crisps instead or bowls, a few bites of desserts for example
  5. Upon waking drink warm water and lemon. Drink water throughout the day. Add fresh lemon/limes etc to help manage digestion and eat super slowly and mindfully. It is so easy to overeat this time of year which can add masses of calories. You don’t have to avoid foods just eat much less of them that you think you need.
  6. Fidget as much as you can. Don’t slop around all the time. Take walks, perform short burst activities such as sprinting on the spot, go lift weights, dance like no one is watching while you are cooking the turkey!

Here is fabulous Atkins info graphic to visually help you on a mission to stick to low-carb (#beigedeadfood) and be a fat controller over Christmas!

A Low Carb Christmas Infographic


Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year everyone!

Big love, small tummies!

Jill – The ‘festive fat controller

p.s. if you would like to get some guilt-free fat controlling treats you can enjoy over Xmas click this link to check out Ugg Foods and their Paleo goodies!  for sugar free, wheat and dairy free bread and cake mixes that won’t pile on the pounds!

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