Want to live longer?

Want to burn fat?

Want to feel energised?

Want tohave masses of energy and look great?

Well read on because you can AND what’s more you can do this without having to go hungry!

This may sound like a marketing gimmick but I can assure it isn’t.  Actually this is exactly how our ancestors would have lived.

How many steaks can you eat in one sitting?  But………could you eat a whole packet of biscuits in one sitting?

What’s wrong with the current dietary recommendations?

66% of people who start a diet end up fatter!

Well when you look at the food pyramid and more recently at the the eat well food plate you can see that we are encouraged to base all our meals on starchy carbohydrates and wholegrains.  I like to call these foods beige, dead foods #beigedeadfood.  In the main these foods are beige and devoid of much nutritional value.  There can be exceptions (the plant based sources that are unprocessed) such as potatoes and oats.  And these exceptions can be OK for some people and not always others.  You see these foods are promoted as ‘healthy’ and for someone of normal body weight you can argue that they are.  But for someone trying to burn fat or keep their weight under control, these foods can be the very thing keeping you fat or making you fatter!

So what’s the problem?  They are low in calories right?

In the main, yes these #beigedeadfoods are generally low in calories when on their own.  There are a couple of problems however that we need to understand first:

  1. Whilst wholegrain bread for example can be thought of as ‘healthy’ it tends to eaten along with higher calorie foods such as margerine, mayonnaise, fatty meats, cheeses, butter etc creating a fat storing metabolic disaster
  2. The nature of these foods are that they are low in protein, water and fibre relative to how much sugar they have.  In other words, they take very little processing by the body, are not very filling and can often leave you wanting more!  They play havoc with blood sugar and often cravings and energy levels later on.

If you tend to crave a particular food and then find you can eat lots of this particular food, the chances are it is causing a very large insulin spike.  This is not great news for anyone wanting to burn fat!  Often this food will fall under the starchy carbohydrate banner!

So I need to go on a low carbohydrate diet then?

Not necessarily.  But, let’s understand carbohydrates a little more first. We can’t survive without protein or fat. But we could survive without carbohydrate.  So your body can generate glucose for the brain from other sources.  We need to understand the different carbohydrates and that we are all VERY different. We have unique metabolisms and are exposed to different environments etc. and so we all react differently to different forms of energy. Hence why we all know someone who can eat bread all day and still stay lean! (yes I hate them too!)

Not all carbohydrates are equal!

There are two distinct categories for carbohydrates,  Fibrous and starchy:

  1. Fibrous is plant based and mostly grows above the ground.  Fibrous veggies are you best friend for health and fat loss as it’s higher in fibre and much lower in sugars.
  2. Starchy carbohydrates tend to be beige, lower in nutrients and lower in fibre compared to it’s sugar content.  These are NOT the best choices if you want to burn fat!
So how do I eat less without going on a diet then?
1 cup of spinach contains around 7 calories compared to 1 cup of white flour which contains over 400!
So we need to trick the body into keeping the metabolism and fat burning furnace going despite eating less.  This will help prevent you being one of those high statistics that can’t lose weight or worse, ends up fatter.  If the body sense lots of highly nutritious and filling foods are coming it’s way, then it will happily release it’s fat stores for energy. So here are my top ten recommendations for burning fat and staying lean:
  1. Base all your meals on colourful vegetables.  By having 50% or more of your plant plant based, fibrous vegetables you will feel fuller for longer and have less room for other starches.  Fibrous veggies contain much more water and nutrients per serving size and so feed the body what it needs leaving it satisfied and functioning well.
  2. Use protein at each meal for satiety.  Opt for lean cuts of meat or use egg whites to make huge omelettes.  Eat until you are full!
  3. Include some healthy fats at each meal to increase taste and fullness.  Opt for coconut oil, olive oil, organic butters and other unrefined, unprocessed oils
  4. Take a fish oil supplement each day.  Fat can help you burn fat and this type of essential fatty acid helps the cells be more responsive to hormonal signals from the body such as the ones that control appetite and fat burning.
  5. Don’t drink your calories.  Milky designer coffees can start from 100 calories right up to 600 and can easily add up.
  6. Save alcohol for special occasions.  Your liver will stop burning fat while it has to detox the alcohol from the system for anything up to a few days after!
  7. Drink plenty of clear fluids such as green tea, water, herbal teas.
  8. Fast over night.  By fasting during the night you give your metabolism a rest and allow your body to re-sensitise itself to fat storing and hunger hormones.  Start with 12 hours without food overnight.  When you  have mastered this with good sleep and appetite control then increase up to 14, then to 16 (I advise using BCAAs, fibre and drinks such as cocoa and green tea to keep stress levels down)
  9. Sleeping around 7.5 – 8 hours a night with quality sleep!  This is prime fat burning time, especially if fasting 12 hours or more over night.  This stops cravings for starchy carbs, sugar and coffee during the day too!  Break your fast with a protein rich meal.
  10. Use a protein supplement either in meals or between to increase protein intake. There are loads of different types to suit everyone.  From animal based to plant based such as pea or rice protein.  You can add it to soups, make smoothies, drink shakes or make protein snacks.
Finally, by filling your boots of lower calorie but high in nutrient based foods you will automatically eat less calories without even trying.  Your should feel satisfied all day with minimal cravings or energy issues and feel fully in control of your eating.
If that all seems a bit much, pick 1 or 2 from the list first to see if you can incorporate those.  Then re-assess.  Each time you master 1 you can move on the next one!
Big love, small tummies!
Jill – The Fat Controller


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